Sweet video shows moment woman with dementia recognizes her daughter

SANFORD, Maine – People who have a loved one with dementia know the challenges and frustrations of seeing someone they care for struggle with their memories.

That’s why a video taken by a woman in Maine has had such an impact on so many people.

The video was taken by MJ Grant. It’s a video taken of her having a conversation with her mother.

MJ’s mother, Carmen, has dementia and is deaf.

When the conversation begins, Carmen doesn’t remember MJ.

But MJ finds a way to get through.

Grant asks her mother, “Where’s MJ?”

Her mother responds by saying she doesn’t remember the last time she saw her.

“I saw her a long time ago … Christmas. I forget,” Carmen responds.

Her daughter tries again.

“Where is MJ right now?” she asks.

“Maybe traveling? Have you met her?” Carmen answers.

MJ follows up with questions and details about her parents.

“Manley is my father,” she says.

Slowly, Carmen begins to recognize her daughter.

“Did I give birth to you?” she asks.

MJ nods and smiles.

She asks the question again and brings her hands to her face in shock, then reaches over to give her daughter a hug.

“I’m so surprised. I’m your mother? And I have another one?” she asks.

MJ answers, and then Carmen recalls, “Oh yes, it’s the two of you.”

MJ shared the video on her Facebook page with the caption, “Dementia can be beautiful.”

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