State lawmakers propose bill to require veterinarians to report animal abuse

Lonely Australian shepherd puppy freezing on the street while snowing. Portrait of unhappy dog outside in cold winter snow. (courtesy: Getty)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A new bill could soon require veterinarians and other licensed professionals to automatically report suspected animal abuse here in Ohio.

“I have been an advocate for animals all my life, and I intend to do a great deal more for our family pets,” said Representative Sara Carruthers in an interview with the Journal-News.

Under the proposal, the person reporting the abuse would also have to tell law enforcement if a child  or older adult lives in the home.

“It has been found that many people who commit terrible crimes against humans start out harming animals,” Carruthers told the paper. “Perhaps we can stop later crimes by stopping abuse in its first stages.”

Money from the Ohio Attorney General’s domestic violence program would be used to provide assistance for animals of domestic violence victims.

Anyone who fails to report suspected abuse would face a $100 fine for the first offense and a $500 fine for additional violations.

To read the full legislation, CLICK HERE.


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