New mom-to-be confesses to wearing car seat cover as maternity skirt

A Facebook post by a mom-to-be is going viral after she shared a story about a gift from a friend.

That’s because the gift was a baby seat cover, and Lori Farrell, 32, mistakenly wore it as a skirt.

“If you feel like a failure today, just know that I wore a car seat cover a friend gave me because I thought it was a skirt,” she said in her post.

Today reports that Farrell’s friend gave her a giant box of baby clothes and gear after finding out she was pregnant.

Farrell went through the bag and found what she thought was a black and white striped skirt.

Last week, she wore it to work. She said it felt a little odd and that the tag was on the front.

“I call my mom every day on my way to work, and I was joking about it,” she told Today. “‘That thing Miranda gave me, it is quite possible that I am wearing something that isn’t a skirt’,” she said.

After getting to work, Farrell searched the brand online. She learned the company makes car seat covers.

“The car seat cover with the stripes is the one that came up first. I thought ‘Oh my gosh that’s what I am wearing,” said Farrell.

Her Facebook post has gotten over 10,000 reactions and over 65,000 comments. Most comments supported her, and many told their own entertaining mishap stories.

Check out the post here:

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