Lakewood restaurant owner apologizes for controversial social media post

LAKEWOOD -- A restaurant is apologizing after a social media post intended to be humorous has stirred controversy in the community.

Yuzu is an unassuming pub on Madison Avenue in Lakewood.

“We have a lot of themed events. We are known for that and the use of humor of online, too,” said owner Dave Bumba.

But Bumba’s recent attempt at humor online has the restaurant at the center of controversy.

“It started as a way to relate to our target demographic, which is younger with a darker sense of humor” said Bumba.

The post, which was posted to their Instagram stories, said, “New brunch special? Oops! All Fentanyl” along with images of Cap’n Crunch and a bag of pills.

It was quickly shared online, where some Facebook users called it vile, inappropriate, and tasteless.

“I genuinely do apologize for anyone who did feel offended by it,” said Bumba.

He said he took time to read people’s comments and the constructive criticism made him think about their social media content choices.

“Maybe take a second, look at the content that is filtered through, and get a second opinion from an outside source to consider if something is appropriate for that channel,” said Bumba.

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