Owner: Fight at Parma family center started when man crashed daughter’s party

PARMA, Ohio-- There are developments in the investigation of the melee at a family entertainment center in Parma.

Officers rushed to Make Believe Family Fun Center on Day Drive Sunday night after employees reported a large fight.

Parma police said the fight broke out between two men attending a birthday party for a 5-year-old girl. As it escalated and spread to other areas of the building, combatants used chairs and tables as weapons.

"We were just shocked that something like this could happen at a family fun place. Does this look like a place for a brawl? This is a place for fun, a place for kids and families to have fun, create memories, laugh. Not to be scared," said owner Elena Abramovich.

Police arrested five men and one woman on charges of disorderly conduct.

  • Francina Burkes, 40, of Maple Heights
  • Darren Cook, 24, of Cleveland
  • Karon Sims, 19, of Maple Heights
  • Kevin L. Sims, 41, of Maple Heights
  • Kevin T. Sims, 24, of Maple Heights
  • Marcell Wilson, 25, of Cleveland

Authorities used surveillance video to identify those most responsible for the fight. They said the man in the orange jumpsuit, Kevin T. Sims, confronted the girl's father, Darren Cook, about crashing the party.

A police dash camera was rolling as officers led Cook and the other suspects from family fun center.

"To see something like this happen, is not acceptable for adults to behave that way, not only in this place but anywhere. It was just so sad that they ruined that little girl`s day, scared all the other guests and just created this horrible situation for us, for everybody," Abramovich said.

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