Teens go on destructive rampage inside Bucyrus scrap yard

BUCYRUS, Ohio - Two teens are in custody after authorities say they broke into a recycling company's property, found the keys to an old school bus and took the bus on a destructive rampage.

Danny Lester and his son, Jamie, spotted the teens as they were driving by.

Jamie Lester said he thought he saw the school bus ramming into things inside the gated, private property and told his dad to stop.

"Some kids, man, in a school bus just backing into a semi trailer. They kept pulling up and it would like stall out or something, or they would try to get it in reverse and it would take like 40 seconds. Then they would reverse slam into the semi and where we was at you could see the semi like rock like it was about to tip over," Jamie Lester said.

His father called 911.

"I was thinking they was just in there doing some demo derby, you know," Danny Lester said.

Police arrived soon afterward and officers found the teenagers on the property where they had already stopped ramming things with the bus. According to police reports, they confessed to committing other acts of vandalism.

"When they weren't doing that, they were intentionally doing vandalism to anything they could find apparently, which included a lot of windows and maybe using objects like a hammer," Police Chief David Koepke said.

Koepke said the tractor trailer cab, which was previously heavily damaged, was rammed so hard that it was moved as far as 10 to 12 feet from where it was before the vandalism spree.

According to the police report, the teenagers, ages 13 and 14, admitted using a hammer to break windows on the bus.

At first, they told police they had smashed only a few bus windows, but changed their story to admit they damaged almost all of the windows on the bus.

Koepke said they also admitted to kicking out the window of a white truck nearby and smashing the windshield of a nearby bucket truck.

Koepke said the two teenagers were taken into custody and are facing the juvenile equivalent of felony charges, accused of doing as much as $15,000 in damage.

"Sadly, there, from what I was told, no remorse at this point. Don't know what their motive was, but it was a malicious act against a private business uncalled for totally," Koepke said.

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