Vermilion police remind citizens to lock their cars after rise in vehicle entry thefts

File Photo (Courtesy: Getty Images)

VERMILION, Ohio — Vermilion police are reminding residents to lock their cars and homes after there has been a rise in vehicle entry thefts throughout the city.

Vermilion Police Department said on Facebook Saturday they are experiencing a rise in vehicle entry thefts which have been occurring in the middle of the night in various neighborhoods.

Police say the most recent incident targeted the VOL and Portland Road neighborhoods Friday night.

According to the post, the suspect in the VOL thefts tried several car doors and only made entry into unlocked vehicles.  He reportedly tries to avoid setting off car alarms and does not use any device to open cars.  When he encountered a locked car he simply “moved on.”

Vermilion police say the best advice they can give residents is to “lock your vehicles and homes.”  They also advise to not leave any valuables in your vehicles.

If you do experience a vehicle entry theft, Vermilion police say to report it immediately so they can continue to track the thefts.

Lastly, they remind citizens that these are crimes of opportunity and if there is no opportunity — meaning your vehicle is locked — there likely won’t be a crime.

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