Beagle who lost her puppies at birth adopts baby possum

HAMILTON, Australia — A beagle who lost her litter of puppies has “adopted” a baby possum who was abandoned by its mother, according to Nine News Australia.

The beagle, named Molly, reportedly lives on a cattle ranch in southeastern Australia and delivered a litter of puppies back in January. Unfortunately, they all died at birth.

“Molly was very upset and she was looking for her puppies everywhere,” her owner, Elle Moyle, told Nine News. “While she was looking for the puppies that had died, she stumbled across an abandoned possum. They’ve just been inseparable.”

The baby possum, now known as Poss, has bonded with Molly, the news outlet reports.  Poss climbs on Molly’s back and the two roam around the ranch together.

Moyle explained with Poss being nocturnal, she spends most of her days sleeping in trees around the property, but Molly still keeps an eye on her.

“Molly just sits under the tree where she’s sleeping and just waits for her,” Moyle told Nine News.

Although they don’t know how long Poss will stay around, the Moyles reportedly said they won’t be hounding her to leave any time soon.

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