‘I Am Dr. King’s Dream’: Alayah Harris

Powerful messages from students across Northeast Ohio as we celebrate Black History Month.

Here is Alayah Harris' message:

"Since 2003, I've been living Dr. Martin Luther King's dream.
I can come and go anywhere as I please, with less discrimination than the experiences of my ancestors.
The first president that I can recall, looked like me.
Today, there are more people of color represented in government, art, business, and other influential positions than in the years of  Martin Luther King, Jr.
I have the privilege and luxury to have a voice in this society.
I am fulfilling all the things my ancestors were punished and abused for pursuing.
It amazes me to see how far we've come.
I will continue to break gender roles, and grow into a successful black woman like my ancestors intended..  proving, even further, that a young colored woman can do anything a male can do."

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