I-TEAM VIDEO: Citizen going to Shaker Heights police for help held at gunpoint

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio -- The FOX 8 I-TEAM found a man called 911 and drove to Shaker Heights police headquarters for help, but video shows he ended up held at gunpoint by an officer, leading the I-TEAM to investigate.

Oliver Morris told the I-TEAM, he never expected to be stopped at gunpoint while going for help.

He added, “I could see straight down the barrel of his gun. In fact, I never seen the hole of a gun so big before in my life.”

On the 911 call, you can hear the officer giving Morris commands to get out of the car.

So what led to all this? The I-TEAM sorted it out.

Morris drives a bus for RTA. This incident happened as he headed home during early morning hours after he got off work.

He noticed someone in a pick-up truck following him; the pick-up made every turn he made.

So, instead of heading home, Morris went to the Shaker Heights Police station and called 911.

He didn’t know the driver of the truck following him was an off-duty suburban cop. That off-duty officer thought Morris was a drunk driver and he too had called Shaker Police.

The situation didn't make sense to anyone involved until that confrontation in the parking lot.

There, police realized Morris had come there for help.

Morris found out the man behind him suspected he was a drunk driver.

Police said Morris had pulled into a restricted area and the officer who’d pulled out his gun thought Morris had sped up in the parking lot driving right at him.

In the end, Morris explained he had swerved a couple of times to miss potholes, but again, he had just gotten off of work, driving a bus.

At the scene, video shows Morris telling officers, “I was scared. There was a Ram truck behind me. And he followed me all the way home.”

The off-duty officer said, “You were never in any danger, but when I see you driving like that..”

Morris answered him by saying, “But I don’t know that. I’m dodging chuckholes.”

Everyone walked away believing it finally all made sense, but Morris is still shaken.

He said, “But then I have to come back and say, but God…God blocked this because this really could’ve been bad.”

Shaker Heights Police said they’re doing an internal review.

Meantime, when we asked for police video, we did not get any video from the officer who’d pulled his gun. We asked why and Shaker Heights Police said our question about that is part of their internal review.

As for the off-duty officer, we’ve learned he works for Cleveland Heights Police Department. The Chief there said she reviewed his involvement and found nothing wrong with what he did. He spotted a possible drunk driver, called it in and let uniformed officers make contact with the driver.

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