‘I Am Dr. King’s Dream’: Kourtnee Jefferson

Powerful messages from students across Northeast Ohio as we celebrate Black History Month.

Here is Kourtnee Jefferson's message:

"Dr. King was the man who had a dream, the man that said anyone can chase their dream -- so why not chase it?
I've wanted to chase my dream longer than I can remember. 
I'm 15 -- still don't know a thing -- but I can try.
I want to make my way.
I want to touch the sky.
Dr. King touched the sky and made a difference -- he made an impact. 
The same way I believe I can.
Just like him, I have a dream that I'll make a difference. 
That I'll change the world.
That I'll better myself to be the girl who can do anything she wants.
I want the world to know my name."

*Read more on Black History Month, here**

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