Five years later: Community holds vigil remembering two little girls killed in deadly fire

CLEVELAND -- Community members are gathering together to remember two little girls who were killed in a deadly fire five years ago.

Two sisters, 2-year-old Peaches Christburg and 7-year-old Glacia Ramsey, were killed December 12, 2013 when their upstairs Kipling Avenue apartment went up in flames.

Police said the children were in the care of their 55-year-old babysitter when an unknown man in a hooded sweatshirt forced himself into the apartment. The sitter told police she was forced inside a bathroom, where she remained until she smelled smoke, fled the building, and called police.

Investigators believe the blaze was deliberately set.

Now, five years after the tragic fire, the community held a vigil in remembrance of Peaches and Glacia at 7:30 p.m.

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