Euclid police officers, good Samaritan rush to save woman from jumping off bridge

EUCLID, Ohio -- A patrol car’s dash cam was rolling as Euclid police officers and a good Samaritan fought to save a woman who tried to jump off a bridge in Euclid.

Around 7:45 Saturday night, officers were dispatched to the bridge on Euclid Avenue.

Video shows an officer rushing to the side of the bridge where a man was already holding onto the woman for dear life.

“There was a car on the side of the bridge; it just didn’t seem normal. When I heard yelling, I thought I should go over there and see what’s going on,” said Jason Pedro of Cleveland.

Pedro was driving by with his daughter and noticed the woman on the railing.

He immediately parked his car and took off running.

“I was only able to get my fingers under her belt buckle. I was feeling bad because I didn’t know how long I could onto her. I was telling her friend to call police, call police, hurry up,” said Pedro.

The video shows the responding officer grab the woman by her waistband and grab a railing as more officers arrive.

Together, they manage to pull the woman’s legs over the railing and then pull her over to safety by her arms and waistband.

Pedro says he just so happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“I didn’t want to give too much detail to my daughter. I just let her know that people have problems and you have to be there for them. I just sat there and processed the situation. I was also trying to make my fingers move; they hurt so bad from the belt buckles,” said Pedro.

The woman was transported to University Hospitals and turned over to the care of medical staff there.

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