I-TEAM: Woman indicted on charges for threat against Case Western Reserve University

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CLEVELAND — The FOX 8 I-TEAM learned a woman has been indicted on charges including terroristic threats after investigators say she threatened a “mass shooting” at Case Western Reserve University.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors have indicted Marci Hersh. She is also charged with Telecommunications Harassment and Aggravated Menacing.

A university police report revealed that Hersh called the office of the school president three times last month. When she couldn’t speak to the president, she reportedly “became belligerent and angry,” saying she “intended to arrange and order a mass shooting at the university.”

The report showed Hersh made the calls from a local mental health facility. A nurse there later told police, Hersh “confirmed she did make the threats about arranging a mass shooting” but said she was not serious.

Police discovered Hersh worked at Case Western Reserve University in the 90’s until 2004 when she got fired. Officials said, Hersh has been prosecuted before for stalking former co-workers at the school.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors took the report of the mass shooting threats to a grand jury. Hersh will go before a judge later this month to start defending herself on the county charges.

Back in 2003, a gunman stormed the campus of Case Western Reserve University. Biswanath Halder went on a rampage killing one person and wounding others. He was later sent to prison for life.

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