East side residents pushing Cleveland officials to decrease violence on streets

CLEVELAND --  Around 50 people in the community gathered at the Glenville Rec Center Thursday night to discuss the violence in the neighborhoods.

“There is a growing concern about the street violence, gunshots being fired, people not feeling safe in their homes and businesses,” said Councilman Mike Polensek of Ward 8.

The safety forum was organized by Polensek and Councilman Kevin Conwell of Ward 9.

Cleveland Police were also in attendance as people addressed the violent crimes happening on the streets.

According to Polensek, various neighborhood meetings in both Glenville and Collinwood have garnered a common sentiment among those on the city’s east side.

“We need more police.  We are not going to tolerate this crap.  I am so sick of hearing, ‘They are poor and they didn’t have a daddy at home.'  I didn’t have a daddy at home but I wasn’t out shooting at priests or ministers,” said Polensek.

Residents pushed the Cleveland Police Department to hire more officers and place them on the streets.

“We want the chief to tell us what is the deployment plan for neighborhoods like this,” said Polensek.

Fifth District Police Commander Sammy Morris said there were slightly fewer homicides in 2018 compared to 2017.  However, he hears their pleas.

“We have a new class graduating Friday.  We are working to get the guys out of the car, on the streets, making them feel safe,” said Morris.

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