Military father deployed overseas surprises young sons at Cleveland Cavaliers game

CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Cavaliers helped a family welcome a father home after being deployed overseas.

Between the first and second quarters of the Cavs game against the Dallas Mavericks the team helped welcome Sgt. Jesse Hawkins home Saturday night.

Hawkins' sons participated in the team's on-court contest at the end of the first quarter.  The boys threw inflatable basketballs into a hoop which was actually a costume worn by Hawkins.

At the end of the contest Hawkins climbed out of the costume, surprising his sons, and gave them a big hug.

Hawkins had actually been home for the last week. The family purchased a home out of state and the boys were staying with relatives while their parents prepared for the move.  The children had no idea their father had returned to the U.S.

The team said on Facebook, "we’re honored to be part of welcoming home Sgt. Jesse Hawkins! Thank you for your service."

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