Massachusetts police department offering 911 tracking integrated into Uber app

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- A police department in Massachusetts has become the second law enforcement agency in the state to utilize a new feature in the Uber app that helps dispatchers utilize critical information in the case of an emergency.

WHDH reports that the Cambridge Police Department is using Uber's new “Safety Toolkit" which allows dispatchers to find the exact location of riders and get a description of the driver.

Uber passengers just have to simply swipe to call 911 within the app.  This will reportedly share their location and live trip details with police.

Dispatchers will receive information such as the make and model of the vehicle, the license plate number and details on the caller.

“A car is such a tight place where you might not want to call 911 if you’re in fear of your driver or n fear of another passenger, so this is definitely groundbreaking for us,” Anne Camaro of Cambridge Emergency Communications told WHDH.

The feature updates dispatchers every 30 seconds based on the Uber driver’s moves, according to the news outlet.

Uber is reportedly backing the technology, which was designed by students at MIT and Harvard.  The company released the following statement to WHDH:

“Every second counts in an emergency and we want to make sure our users get help quickly with accurate information if faced with an emergency situation.”

Previously dispatchers relied on information that was often outdated and be could off by a significant distance, which costs time during critical situations.

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