Pass the veggies! North Ridgeville using beet juice to help treat the roads this winter

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio -- Winter in Northeast Ohio can be brutal, especially when it comes to getting around in the snow.

Fortunately, the city of North Ridgeville has found a way to fight mother nature's wrath with a unique substance: beet juice.

“We’ve been using it, we love it," said Street Foreman Jon Montgomery

The beet juice is an organic beet based product from sugar beets.  It’s best used to pre-treat the roads or during heavy snowfall.

The plow drivers can actually spray the salt with the brine before it’s spread onto the streets.

“They will pre-wet the salt to activate the salt, otherwise when it gets very, very cold, salt doesn’t react on its own," explained David Mansbery, President of Nature's Own Source.

North Ridgeville has nine trucks with 100 gallon tanks filled with brine.  They pre-treat bridges, hills and main intersections using the beet juice 24 to 48 hours before the storm.

“There seems to be a lot more traction out on the roads, even if there is still snowfall out on the roads," said Hutson.

Salt costs the city about $72 a ton, the Aqua Salina solutions with the beet additive is $1.00 a gallon.  The city uses both, and the beet juice helps conserve their salt supply.

“They will have less feed rate coming out and less lane width, so when the Aqua Salina hits, that salt helps the scatter bounce rate," he said.

The brine solution shouldn't stain your car despite being a brownish color when sprayed on the roads.

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