Second dog found after Vermilion house explosion

VERMILION, Ohio-- There is positive news after a devastating house explosion that destroyed a Vermilion family's home and vehicle: Their pets are safe.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office said driver, Kenneth Karnow, 56, hit a gas meter at the house on Darrow Road, causing the explosion. Karnow fled the scene, but was arrested in a vacant house.

The residents and their two dogs were able to escape.

"We were all outside the house when it exploded," Tracy Haslage said. "The explosion shook the dogs. They were not on the leash because we had no time and they ran off because of the sound."

The brown dog named Zeus was found Thursday morning when he wandered to the Holiday Inn Express.

Luckily. the general manager at the hotel had FOX 8 News on the television in the lobby so she immediately recognized Zeus when he walked into the hotel.

Not only did the manager help rescue the 7-year-old mastiff, but the hotel is helping the family with temporary lodging.

**Watch that moment in the video, above**

Vito, the gray pup, was located hours later. The family said he was hiding at the Willow Creek Golf Club. Both animals are OK.

Thursday night, Tracy Haslage’s voice was hoarse and nerves fried, but he said both he and his wife are grateful to everyone for their help and support.

They say Zeus and Vito are doing well and staying with family and friends tonight.

They’re grateful too for the fundraising effort, because they literally own nothing. They’ve even had to borrow clothing from neighbors.

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