Cleveland officers deliver blankets to homeless people living on the streets

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- For two Cleveland Police Officers, “to serve and protect” means more than writing tickets and arresting criminals.

During this brutal cold snap, they are also helping the homeless survive potentially life-threatening temperatures.

FOX 8 caught up with Officers Eduardo Colon and Long Dang  as they were handing out donated blankets from St. Vincent Charity hospital.

The officers said many people who live on the streets, some with mental health issues, refuse to go to shelters.

"It's very sad. Some of them need shoes, some of them need clothing, you see them sleeping on the ground just with a blanket in these conditions. They don't have much, they just depend on the people to survive," said Officer Colon.

He said they'll often drop off any extra food they may have from the department and even pay for items someone might need.

"It's a big problem here in Cleveland, but you know, we do what we can," Officer Dang said.

It's a cause they're committed to year round.

"They appreciate it when you come up to them, talk to them not like a police officer to a person, but as a person to a person," he said.

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