Akron Zoo opening ‘Pride of Africa’ exhibit this summer

AKRON, Ohio — The Akron Zoo has expanded and is launching a new exhibit this summer.

The Pride of Africa exhibit is opening in June and will reflect “the beauty and mystery of the savannas of Kenya,” according to the zoo’s website.

This new exhibit features an expanded habitat for the African lions, a grasslands habitat for Speke’s gazelle and white storks, a Maasai boma with goats and an expanded train ride.

Lions in the Serengeti region of Africa are especially endangered. So, the new lion habitat will allow the zoo to host a “breeding pair” of lions who will be specifically selected to “preserve and strengthen” the gene pool of surviving African lions.  This is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan.

A new spray pad will also give visitors an opportunity to cool down from the heat while simultaneously learning about Africa’s clean water crisis.

The Akron Zoo is also partnering with Rebuilding the Pride, an African coalition who addresses socioeconomic and ecological threats to Africa’s Southern Rift communities.

Take a look at photos of the Pride of Africa exhibit in the gallery below:

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