I-TEAM finds payout for former Cuyahoga County Jail director who resigned

CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-TEAM has uncovered a payout for the former head of the troubled Cuyahoga County Jail after he resigned under fire.

The county says Ken Mills received a payout of more than $16,000 for unused vacation time.

Often we see public officials leave jobs, then get payouts for unused benefits, so we investigated the payout for Mills.

Mills worked as the Director of the Cuyahoga County Jail. He resigned last November and he just got indicted. Cuyahoga County Prosecutors have filed charges for tampering with records, falsification and obstruction of official business.

While running the jail, Mills earned a salary of $124, 155.

And we found, on his way out the door, he also collected $16,709.

Again, that pay was for unused vacation time.

The county says, by resigning, Mills was not eligible to collect any money for unused sick time and, as a manager, he was not eligible for comp time.

Mills resigned with a spotlight on the jail and investigations into a series of inmate deaths, deplorable conditions, short staffing, and poor jail medical care.

Mills goes to court next month to begin defending himself against the criminal charges.

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