Preventing roof problems during winter weather

RAVENNA- Heavy rain on top of snow has some people concerned about roofs caving in or leaking.

Snow and wind caused the roof of a shopping plaza under construction on Route 59 in Ravenna to collapse Saturday.

“We were devastated over this,” said owner Jeff Wynns, who has been working on the project with his father for 13 months.

No one was hurt, but Wynns said the setback will likely delay completion of the project by several months.

“The wind blows out of the west. It drifted up into the center of the building and we didn't have all the bottom beams in, so it was just a freak of nature,” Wynns said.

The threat of rain on top of snow prompted the Portage  County Building Department to warn of the potential for roof collapse Tuesday.

Local roofers said most problems occur when snow and ice have been building for several weeks.

“The longer ice has to form, the bigger the ice dams, the more the gutters are clogged up, the more water goes everywhere,” said Ricky Campopiano, Sales Manager for Campo.

He said TO prevent problems, make sure your home's roof and attic are properly ventilated and insulated.

“Most homes are under-insulated, and a lot of homes, they just don't have the ventilation that's required now,” Campopiano said.

In the short term,   he said to make sure your gutters are clear to avoid ice build-up and leaks.

“That’ll prevent ice from forming and will prevent water from backing up when it rains and getting into your basement,” Campopiano said.

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