I-Team: Yvonne Pointer hit by crime again, finds home ransacked

CLEVELAND- The FOX 8 I-Team has found a local woman known worldwide for good deeds came home to her house ransacked, just the latest time she’s been touched by crime.

Someone broke into the home of Yvonne Pointer. You likely recognize the name.

More than thirty years ago, her daughter was murdered walking to school. Despite that, Yvonne became a minister, and she became known for spreading love and good will locally and as far away as Africa. And decades after her daughter’s death, the killer was finally identified and convicted.

Thursday, Yvonne went to work with some girls at a school, and when she got back to her home on Cleveland’s east side, she found someone had broken in through the back door.

Room after room was ransacked.

Yvonne said, "I'm just grateful I wasn't home at the time, let's start there. Because this could've gone in another direction. So I'm giving thanks to God for that. And whoever it is, they need to maybe find a job."

Nearly every room seemed to be hit including a room Yvonne uses to pray and host a nightly LIVE program online called Hope Haven.

Yvonne added, "We're living in perilous times, and people are desperate. But what we have to do is find a way so that innocent people aren't traumatized."

Shortly after the crime, we found Yvonne’s phone ringing constantly. So many people heard about the latest crime, and they offered help to the woman who’s made a living helping others.

A neighbor said she actually confronted burglars in her home just a few doors away. It’s unclear if there’s any connection.

Yvonne says she’s confident Cleveland police will solve the crime at her home.

Meantime, she quickly went back to thinking of other people. She said, "You still got to get out there and encourage and motivate people."

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