Congrats, Eli! Gabe Spiegel’s son takes down the opponent in his first wrestling match

A shout-out to FOX 8’s Gabe Spiegel’s son, Eli,  who recently competed in his first official wrestling match.

Eli, 14,  has been on his middle school wrestling team for 2 years.  He practices twice a week, but never wrestled in an official meet, until Wednesday night.
His 1 opponent was Omar, a tough gritty wrestler, 140 lbs. from Central Ohio, who means business.

When the matched started,  Eli dashed in for the leg, with the quick takedown.  He went for the pin, even slapping the mat like a WWE pro, asking for the win… but no!   The veteran, Omar, wrestled his way out, which confused Eli.

Then,  Eli went for the pin, the official took another look and yes,  Eli got his first victory!

When he walked off the mat, his opponent, Omar, said to Eli, “You’re an awesome kid.”

Eli replied,  “I like your hair.”

Congratulations, Eli!  Awesome job!

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