Wind, water combine to form beautiful ice sculptures along Lake Erie shore

CLEVELAND - The weekend's wicked winter weather has created some beautiful natural ice sculptures along the Lake Erie shore.

The lakefront Sunset Harbor Bar and Grille in Fairport Harbor is coated in ice and icicles after Northeast winds combined with waves threw water onto shore. It’s a reason why the seasonal restaurant is closed for the winter.

“It's like an ice castle,” said restaurant manager April Burkey, who stopped by to take pictures. “But this happens every winter when we have the really cold and all the snow and the ice.”

In downtown Cleveland, there were natural ice sculptures among the professional sculptures on display during the North Coast Harbor Ice Fest.

The large chains on the pier were draped with twisted icicles. Families took pictures with the formations on their way to an event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“It's really cool because the lake is really frozen and then there's a ton of ice,” said Amira McDuffie, of Cleveland.

Continuing coverage on the winter weather, here; check out some incredible viewer photos of the ice in the photos, below.

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