‘Anything is better than Hue’: Baker Mayfield cooks up laughs in NFL skit ‘Baking with Baker’

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Baker Mayfield had some on-air time during championship weekend, on the season finale of The Manning Hour, that is.

Mayfield appeared in Cooper Manning’s Fox NFL show on Sunday, January 20 and the two went head-to-head in a roast battle.

The segment, “Baking with Baker,” was set in a kitchen.

Which makes sense. There really isn’t a better way to honor the hiring of new head coach Freddie Kitchens than to have Mayfield cooking up laughs in the kitchen.

And, let’s just say Mayfield and Manning didn’t disappoint.

The two not only roasted each other, but of course took digs at former Browns coach Hue Jackson.

The exchange went like this:

Manning: Look, if you’re not a fan of kitchens, it’s OK.

Mayfield: Nah, I love kitchens.

Manning: Yeah, kitchens are great. They’re better than Jacksons.

Mayfield: Anything is better than Hue — oh, um, you.

In addition to the Kitchens puns, they even referenced Mayfield’s $10,026 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Watch the segment in the following tweet:

Manning also claimed that Mayfield accepted a bet to return to his show if the Saints lost to the Rams Sunday night, so I guess this means there will be another episode of Baking with Baker?

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