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Hazardous weather conditions keeping drivers alert

SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio — The snowy conditions are keeping drivers on alert Saturday evening, and as the snow falls, it is tough for plows to keep up.

“Stay home if you don’t need to be out here on the roads; there’s nothing here worth seeing,” said Brent Kovacs, a spokesperson for ODOT District Four.  “With the amount of snow coming down as quickly as it is there’s nothing more we can do.”

The same story can be said for the side roads as well. Graham Road in Stow was covered with snow even with multiple plows working to clear.

“We were like fifteen mph. It was bad. Climbing up the hills, I had to turn on my hazards,” said Emily Barlow, of Cuyahoga Falls.

“A lot of struggle on the roads because the road was wet before it snowed so they’re slick,” said Tyler Barlow.

The weather was the reason for so many early business closures on Saturday.

Akron Children’s Hospital Urgent Care locations were closed early. There was also a parking ban on Akron city streets.

“It’s starting to get a little bit icy here now so I think as it’s going down and the temperatures are dropping it’s going to get a lot worse,” said driver Derek Kemp.

The goal is to keep people safe during the weather event, so ODOT says crews will be working twelve-hour shifts until the storm is over.

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