Research: Average NFL fan spends 46 hours a month thinking about favorite team

It seems hard to believe, but new research shows the average NFL fan spends almost two full days thinking, talking, or reading about their favorite team.

Ticketmaster polled 2,000 NFL fans in a new survey “OfficialFan,” conducted by OnePoll, the New York Post reported.

The poll found the average fan spends 46 hours per month thinking about their team.

A large majority, 84-percent, said that when their team is playing they drop everything they’re doing to watch the game. More than half said they’d miss a major event — like a birthday party, church, or work — to watch the game live in the stadium.

Almost four out of five NFL fans said they have been a fan of their favorite team since birth.

The survey also found an NFL fans travels an average of 296 miles for an away game during the regular season. Fans said they would travel much further for the playoffs.

Female fans are also making themselves known. This season saw a 61-percent increase in women buying season tickets.

*Click here to read more of the survey

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