Man proposes in Russian court to woman who allegedly stabbed him 13 times

NIZHNEKAMSK, Russia — While in court earlier this week a man proposed to a woman who allegedly stabbed him at least thirteen times.

The unidentified woman was on trial in Russia for stabbing her partner with a knife. She is facing up to six years behind bars, according to Daily Mirror.

The victim reportedly managed to escape his partner and seek medical help.

The prosecutor told the news outlet that the man was hospitalized for three weeks and suffered stab wounds all over his body.

The prosecutor demanded a sentence of up to six years for “intentionally causing damage to the health of the man and threatening his life.”

However, in court the victim begged the judge not to jail his girlfriend, saying they were arranging the date of their wedding.

While the woman was facing the judge, the victim proposed to her in the courtroom and asked the judge for leniency, Daily Mirror reports.

The woman reportedly pleaded guilty to the attack, but denied that she had intent to kill her boyfriend.  She allegedly told officials that she was drunk at the time of the incident.

The Russian judge has postponed a sentencing decision until a future hearing.

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