Buy a pass, avoid a ticket: City of Wellington makes offer to drivers

WELLINGTON, Ohio--The four public parking lots located near or in Wellington’s downtown get a lot of use.

Some neighborhoods and apartments are also located next to or in downtown.

That means many residents have few options when it comes to parking for more than 24 hours in downtown.

If you use a city parking lot longer than that and don’t keep moving your car around the clock,  the city will fine you a ten dollar ticket which can add up.  In some cases, you could be towed and end up spending even more money to get your car back.

Resident Stacey Sanders said if someone is disabled it’s difficult to keep moving their car in a downtown where parking is hard to come by and when you live downtown like she does.

She also said if she doesn’t work for a couple of days she doesn’t want to have to keep moving her car to avoid a ticket.

“I understand that 24 hours seems like a long period of time, but I know living day to day sometimes it’s hard to move your vehicle,” Sanders said.

So Sanders pulled off something in this Village of 5,000 people that probably wouldn’t go over in a big city at five dollars a month.

She went to the Wellington Village Council with an idea so residents don’t keep getting fined for parking.

She suggested residents pay a yearly fee of $60, that allows them to park in the public parking lots downtown continually without ever getting a parking ticket.

“Actually I was pretty proud that I came up with the idea and that they took it into consideration and drew up plans for it,” Sanders said.

Mayor Hans Schneider supports said the new parking pass.

“It gives the residents once they’re done for the weekend they have no need to go down and move their car that’s really what it came down to for me the quality of life,” Schneider said.

Schneider said the parking fee isn’t large enough for the city to make money off of it.

“It basically covers the fees for us to maintain the records and print out the passes and if we’re going to resurface a parking lot we can contact the people to move their cars,”

So far a half a dozen people have signed up for the parking pass, but Schneider expects as more people learn about the parking pass a lot more people will sign up.

Signing up for the parking pass is optional.

Lakewood also offers parking passes in some of its lots.

Those passes start at $100 dollars and higher

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