Akron mom creates ride sharing business exclusively for children

AKRON, Ohio -- An Akron mom is trying to give popular ride sharing services a run for their money. She's created Kid Chauffeur Express, a door-to-door transportation service just for children.

"It just gives parents the peace of mind that their kids are getting to school on time with the same driver, safe driver every day," said company founder Sierra Young.

Children ages 1-year-old through 17 years old are eligible for the service. The company, founded in October 2017, has quickly expanded throughout the Akron area with many day care providers backing the service, including Danisha Harper-Young of Creative Little Minds who said nearly a dozen children there use the service.

"The Akron community doesn't have anything like this for the young children and again there are a lot of hardworking, single mothers that aren't able to get their children to and from," said Harper-Young.

Dads are using the service too. One talked about how difficult it is balancing separate schedules for his pre-teen and young child.

"I have two different children that go to different school districts so I'm unable to get them both to school on time," said Willie Harper. "So, this service helps me get them both to school without being tardy."

Harper said he was skeptical about the service but felt at ease while participating in the mandatory meet and greet before becoming a client. Where his children met the driver and saw the car they would be riding in each day.

Young said she currently employs 20 drivers, each one insured, who passed a background check, has a clean driving record and a vehicle safe for the road. She said there have not been any accidents since she began the company. Car seats and booster seats for young clients are provided by parents or the company.

Drivers are paid by the mile or route, Young says they make between $60-200 dollars a week. Client prices depend on the destination.

As a busy mom, Kid Chauffer Express is a second job for Young. She hopes it will soon generate enough income to better provide for her family.

"The feeling that I get is sometimes overwhelming with happiness. Honestly, because I get from people all the time, 'You don't know how much this has helped me,'" she said.

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