A ‘fiver party?’ Mom says birthday bash trend is ‘brilliant’

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Has your child been invited to a “fiver” party yet?

It’s the hot new trend with a simple idea.

Mom Lana Hollowes praised the concept in a blog on Babyology.com.

She explains that instead of bringing presents for the birthday boy or girl, guests bring $5 in a card.

The child’s parents then use the cash to buy a big gift that the child really wants.

“There’s no gift. No stress and no expense,” she said. “I know, brilliant, right?!”

Does the idea take away from the fun and excitement of getting several presents?

“Well, it’s all in how it’s presented to the child. If your child is aware of the ‘big ticket’ present coming their way and understands that everyone coming to her party will be gifting it to her, instead of bringing an individual present, then you will manage her expectations while also fueling her excitement about the ‘big gift’.”

Not everyone agrees.

Some say the fiver parties can be tacky, because it feels like paying to enter the party.

Others ask where the fun is to opening presents at a birthday party.

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What do you think?

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