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Bride goes viral after kicking couple out of wedding for bringing their kids

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The story of one bride is going viral after she asked Reddit users if kicking out a couple and their two kids from her “child-free” wedding was wrong.

The post was anonymous, but has gotten over 1,500 comments.

In it, the bride said she stated in her invitations that no children were allowed to come to her wedding last month.

One couple, however, ended up bringing their baby and a toddler. The mother was a long-time family friend.

The bride said she “let it slide” during the ceremony, but at the reception, she had her wedding planner “politely request they have someone pick up their kids from the adults-only reception and party.”

The bride wrote in her post: “I mean, everyone was drinking and loud and rowdy and a crying child and another little one running around was not part of the plan. (The infant already had to be taken out once during the wedding ceremony because of fussiness and the toddler was, from what I could see, already appearing cranky).”

After an argument, the bride finally just booted them out.

“I really hate that my wedding day had to be somewhat marred by this incident,” she wrote. “According to my mother, everyone was talking about it and I guess enjoying a little dramatic entertainment.”

The bride then asked if it was wrong to make them leave.

One responder said: “…My  friend is allowing kids at her wedding and I double checked that she wasn’t just being polite to me. All the other kids are older and can sit through the ceremony, while I have a toddler, so I let her know she doesn’t have to be “fair” if she doesn’t want toddlers. A wedding should be 100% whatever the couple getting married wants.”

Another said: “It’s considered rude to put that on invitations. I don’t think it’s rude but you have to tell people because some people just don’t get it.”

What do you think?

To read the entire post and responses, click here. 

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