Lawmakers push to ban smoking on Florida’s public beaches

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St. Pete Beach, FL (Courtesy: Natasha Anderson/WJW)

FLORIDA — State legislatures in Florida are pushing to outlaw smoking on all public beaches in the state.

The newly introduced bill would fine first-time offenders $25 or 10 hours of community service for violating the law.

Currently, the bill doesn’t address vaping.

If passed it will go into effect July 1.

This is not the first time lawmakers have attempted to make Florida’s beaches smoke-free.

In 2017, a law banning smoking in Sarasota County public parks and beaches that had been in effect for 5 years was tossed out by a judge who declared it unconstitutional, according to FOX 4. This was under grounds that local jurisdictions couldn’t ban something that was legal state-wide.

If passed, Florida will not be the only state to band smoking on its beaches.  New Jersey recently passed a similar law that went into effect January 1 and punishes violators with a $250 fine.

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