Family prays for miracle after son’s suicide attempt at Cuyahoga County Jail

CLEVELAND-- A Cuyahoga County Jail inmate is in critical condition after trying to commit suicide inside the troubled facility. His parents are speaking out, wanting to know how it could have happened.

The parents of Brenden Kiekisz, 27, said they are praying for miracle, but doctors told them the outlook for their son’s survival does not look good.

"I had a sheriff knocking on my door 2 in the morning that he was unresponsive, and I get to the hospital and then they told me later that he tried to hang himself," said Johnny Kiekisz, Brenden's father.

He and his wife Paula spoke with Fox 8 outside of MetroHealth Medical Center, where their son is fighting for his life.

"Very bad shape right now... He's probably not gonna make it within the next 36 hours," Johnny Kiekisz said.

The Kiekisz family was told Brenden tried to commit suicide inside the Cuyahoga County Jail sometime Thursday night. He was arrested Christmas Day for an alleged probation violation.

"I thought they'd watch over him in jail and I don't get it how they could have not seen what was happening," Paula Kiekisz said.

The county jail has recently been under intense scrutiny after seven inmates died there over a five-month period. A review by U.S. Marshals revealed overcrowding and deplorable conditions, which led to a class action lawsuit, filed on behalf of inmates just last week.

“Yes, I've been seeing it on the news and I'm like, well that's just terrible for the families, and then I turn around and I'm one of them," his father said.

According to court records, Brenden was arrested for drug possession in July 2016, but was ordered to seek drug counseling in lieu of a conviction.

"Medical and alcohol abuse, and it was more he gets depressed, he gets real depressed," Brenden’s father said.

A journal entry for Thursday shows Brenden Kiekisz was found not in violation and was to be transported to Highland Springs in-patient treatment. An entry stamped Friday morning shows he was ordered released from custody.

"He wasn't an angel. It wasn't nothing major with his life, just problems and try to work them out with them. And he gets in the system and I'll probably see my boy a couple more days here, and that's it," said his father.

Brenden Kiekisz’s parents said they were told it took 9 minutes to revive him, but they do not know how long he had been in distress before he was found.

Sources told the FOX 8 I-Team this incident happened while corrections officers were short staffed and forced to watch two pods of inmates.

A county spokesperson said the incident is under investigation.

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