Cleveland rescue employees push for change after paramedic attacked

CLEVELAND– The Cleveland Association of Rescue Employees is pushing for change after a paramedic was attacked earlier this week.

An ambulance was dispatched to a police call on Sunday and arrived before officers. While the crew was waiting for police, an assault victim asked for help. According to CARE, they were aiding the victim when the suspect violently attacked a paramedic, knocking him to the ground.

Cleveland police later arrived at the scene.

The paramedic union, in a letter to EMS Commissioner Nicole Carlton on Thursday, emphasized this is not an issue with police.

“The City and CEMS Management need to take the necessary steps to make this a safe working environment. CARE will not sit idly by and let our members be assaulted because management doesn’t want to change policy. If the above scenario was changed even just slightly, we would be planning a funeral for one of our members,” CARE president Paul Melhuish said in the letter.

Cleveland Association of Rescue Employees said paramedics are frequently sent to scenes before it’s been determined is an EMS unit is necessary and without confirming the location is safe. According to the union, there are numerous instances of weapons being pulled on employees.

CARE said it has repeatedly brought this issue to the city. It’s seeking meetings to create a safety policy.

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