Video shows suspect escape from Cleveland police twice

CLEVELAND- Exclusive video shows how one man did all he could to escape from Cleveland police twice.

Leroy Hollinan almost got away, but he’s now sitting in the Cuyahoga County Jail facing a long list of charges.

Holliman was arrested weeks ago. Police body camera video has now been released to the I-Team. It shows police encounter Holliman off East 65th Street.

"You don't have any guns or anything on you?" police asked. They tell him they’re trying to clear up a missing person report. Then the video shows Holliman take off running.

The search went into backyards and police found Holliman hiding under a car.

A report said once police arrested Holliman, he somehow managed to get out of the back of the police car. Investigators said he did that even while he was handcuffed. He had to be captured again.

Records showed Holliman had warrants out for his arrest.He now faces charges for escape, burglary, weapons and more.

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