Ohio Senate fails to override Kasich’s veto of so-called ‘heartbeat’ abortion bill

COLUMBUS -- The Senate did not get enough votes Thursday to override Gov. John Kasich's  veto of legislation imposing one of the most far-reaching abortion restrictions in the nation, after the Republican-led Ohio House successfully overrode the measure earlier.

The House eked out its 60-28 override over strong objections by Democrats, who argued Ohio is leading a charge against women and the bill is unconstitutional. This sent the bill to the Senate.

The Senate voted 19-13 on the so-called heartbeat bill. They needed 20 votes to override the veto.

The measure bans abortion after the first fetal heartbeat is detected. That can be as soon as six weeks into pregnancy, before most women know they are pregnant.

The term-limited governor, who leaves office next month, said in a veto message that the bill is unconstitutional and he wanted to avoid a costly and unsuccessful court battle. It was his second veto of similar legislation since 2016.

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