Ohio teen whose brother died of cancer back home after being hit by cars

CINCINNATI– The older brother of a 2-year-old boy who died of brain cancer will be able to spend the holidays at home with his family after being hit by multiple cars.

Brody Allen was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer called embroyonal tumor with multilayered rosettes in May. His family and the Cincinnati area rallied around the little boy in his final months until he passed away in October.

Just 11 days after his funeral, Brody’s brother, Andrew Allen, was hit by cars while crossing the street. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, damage to his heart,  lungs, kidneys and spleen, and fractures to his legs.

“Almost two months ago when Andrew was injured, we were told to say goodbye. He was injured so badly, he was not expected to survive the night,” Todd Allen, Andrew’s father, posted on Facebook. “He wasn’t expected to wake, and if he did, in all likelyhood he would never be the same. In other words he would survive but we would not get our son back.”

On Monday, Andrew was moved from a rehab facility to his family’s home. His dad said he is talking, has much of his memory back and is able to walk with some assistance. The family called the progress amazing.

“I’ll be honest, I initially hesitated in sharing Andrew’s accident with the world. I wasn’t sure we were ready for the public part of sharing yet another one of our sons’ life-threatening story. Especially so soon after Brody’s passing. But after a lot of prayer it was pretty clear. How do I not share this with you? How do I not ask for the prayers that you all so willingly gave once before. I knew we could not do this alone. And as Brody I think taught us all, we are never alone, if we just reach out,” Todd Allen said.

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