‘Bengals Got Run Over by a Baker’: Ohio family sings another Christmas carol honoring the Browns’ quarterback

CLEVELAND -- The Ohio family that turned a classic Christmas song into a tribute to Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is back at it again, this time celebrating the Browns victory against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Shaun Rufener, of Rittman, shared a video last week of his children's first Baker themed song, Baker the Touchdown Maker.

Now, his children have stolen the hearts of Browns fans yet again with their latest Christmas carol: Bengals Got Run Over by a Baker.

Rufener said on Twitter that he and the kids prepared the song in hopes of celebrating Cleveland's second win over the Bengals this season.

And, as you can see, the Rufeners got their wish since the Browns beat the Bengals 26-18 in their final home game this season.

Bengals Got Run Over by a Baker praises Mayfield again, but also makes playful remarks at former head coach Hue Jackson.

Sunday's game  marked the first time Jackson returned to Cleveland as the Browns' opponent. The Browns fired Jackson in October and he currently serves as the Special Assistant to the Bengals’ head coach.

In their latest Baker tune, the children sing,

"Bengals got run over by a Baker when they came to this dan6erous house to play. You can say there's no such thing as Santa, but look they've tucked their tails and run away. Now we're all so proud of Williams and Hue's been taking this in stride, on the sidelines of the Bengals, watching Mayfield Shake n' Bake them this Yuletide."

They're acknowledging the fact that Mayfield is now synonymous with feeling dangerous, as well as the tensions he has with Jackson.

Overall, Baker the Touchdown Maker and Bengals Got Run Over by a Baker are fun, festive and get you in to the victory mood.  And, we hope there are more Mayfield jingles coming next season.

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