Cleveland Browns eliminated from playoffs after Titans’ victory

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland's playoff hopes have come to an end this season.

The Browns' post-season chances were slim after last week's game, but now, due to a Tennessee Titans' win, they are officially eliminated from the playoffs.

The Browns could only make the playoffs if the following had occurred:

  1. The Browns win out their final two games, finishing out 8-7-1
  2. The Ravens lose out
  3. The Miami Dolphins lose one of their final games
  4. The Colts and Titans both lose this week
  5. The Colts and Titans tie each other in the final game to finish 8-7-1

However, the Titans topped the Washington Redskins 25-16 Saturday night, which knocked the Browns out of the running.

Regardless, the Browns definitely played an exciting 2018 season after having a 16 loss 2017 season, as well as having a mid-season coaching change this year.

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