Siblings rescued from freezing pond after 13-year-old tries to save little brother

MANSFIELD, Ohio -- A 13-year-old girl jumps into a freezing pond, trying to rescue her younger brother. Quickly, both find themselves struggling to get out of the water.

As they decorated the Christmas tree Friday evening, a Mansfield family had even more to be thankful for this holiday season.

Around sundown Wednesday, 13-year-old Jasmine West, along with her stepbrothers, seven-year-old Kayden and five-year-old Channing, went to check out the view at a pond behind their home.

"Kayden took off his boots for some reason and they fell into the pond. When he was trying to grab them, he fell in and so he kept like going under and stuff, trying to get himself up. So, I jumped in to try to save him," Jasmine said.

Both of them were struggling in the water. Five-year-old Channing ran home to alert his mother, Karmyn Johnson.

"She came and she got Kayden out and I was too scared for her to try to get me out, so she called the cops and the squad," Jasmine said.

"A 13-year-old female that fell in a pond and cannot get out. She advises that she is freezing, but not drowning," advised a 911 dispatcher, as she sent help to the scene.

"It was kind of one of those hmmm, cold water, kid panicking, if I get in the water with her, there's no way we're both getting out," Johnson said.

"You're not gonna drown, it's ok...breathe. I know it's weird, but they're coming, I can hear the sirens, ok," Johnson could be heard saying to Jasmine during the emergency call.

As paramedics rushed to the scene, the dispatcher helped keep Jasmine calm.

"I know that your body feels weird right now, ok, but I need you to take nice deep breaths, ok?" the dispatcher told Jasmine.

First responders rescued Jasmine, who was cold and scared, but not seriously hurt.

Karmyn Johnson said the kids disobeyed her orders to stay in their yard, but she's just happy everyone is ok.

"When we say things to them, it's for their safety and to make sure things like this don't happen 'cause it could've gone a completely different way," Johnson said.

Both Jasmine and Kayden were taken to the hospital, where they were treated and sent home.

Jasmine, who held onto a dock during the ordeal, said she could swim a little bit, but not well enough to save both herself and her stepbrother.

She did say she learned a valuable lesson about obeying her parents’ rules.

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