LeBron James Family Foundation, 2K Foundation opens new gym near I PROMISE School

AKRON, Ohio -- Children got to play in a new gym at the Balch Street Community Center in Akron Friday.

The LeBron James Family Foundation and the 2K Foundation unveiled the newly renovated gymnasium around 2:30 p.m.

The foundations gave the entire interior an uplift by installing new basketball hoops, wall padding and a scoreboard.

The walls were also freshly painted, the floors refinished and brand new LED lighting was installed.

The remodel stems from LeBron James recognizing the need for a space for his I PROMISE School students to play basketball and other recreational activities that were important to him growing up.

TheĀ Balch Street Community Center gym is less than a mile away from the I PROMISE School and will be accessible for school assemblies, after school activities, and other events.

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