‘Just GO outside’: Holderness Family updates ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ lyrics in newest viral video

The Holderness family, known for their viral videos, are getting in on the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” controversy.

Local radio station WDOK stopped playing  the song this holiday season after it said listeners voiced concern about the song’s predatory undertones amid the “Me Too” movement. Other stations across the country have also banned the song.

The call-and-response song written in the 1940’s includes a woman singing that she has to leave a man’s house as he tries to lure her to stay.

In the song, the female sings “I really can’t stay,” to which the man responds, “but baby, it’s cold outside.” Other lyrics include the woman singing “say, what’s in this drink?” and “I simply must go… the answer is no.”

The tongue-in-cheek Holderness version is called “Baby, Just GO Outside.”

Some of the lines go:

Woman: “I really can’t stay,”
Man: “Ok, you’re free to go.”

Woman: “My mother will start to worry.”
Man: “Definitely text her right now.”

Check it out below:

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