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Mother, babysitter respond after attempted abduction of 8-year-old in North Ridgeville

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**Update from North Ridgeville police on Facebook: We have located the vehicle in the photo and interviewed the driver. He was NOT involved in this incident.

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio -- A mother is speaking out after someone attempted to abduct her little girl Friday afternoon.

North Ridgeville police said the driver of a dark colored car allegedly tried to abduct a third grade girl after she got off her school bus at Ridgeview Boulevard and Elder Street.

The eight-year-old girl told police an older man with gray or white hair told her he was her grandfather and was persistent in trying to entice her to get into his car.

The girl's mother, Vicki, who asked to be identified by first name only, said her daughter was confused because her grandfather lives out of town and she hasn't seen him in a long time.

"The guy had her flustered and she was starting to wonder if that was her grandpa who she hasn't seen in so many years," Vicki said.

Her daughter is having trouble shaking what happened.

"She said she was just worried that she would be very sad if she was taken and she knew her mom and dad would be very sad," Vicki said.

"I just wish she would've kept walking and ignored him. I think in the future she knows not to even talk to him," said the girl's babysitter Heather Grimmett.

Fortunately, the girl's school bus dropped her off at her babysitter's house and she was able to run inside to safety.

"Well it's scary. The girls have been getting off of the school bus and walking up the driveway and you never think anything is going to happen just walking from the street to the driveway," Grimmett said.

Police said a second student corroborated the girl's account.

"They described that he went from being happy to a very upset demeanor very quickly when he realized she wasn't going to go with him," Grimmett said.

North Ridgeville police suggested that parents considering using a code word. Anyone who should be picking up your child would use a code word that your child knows.  If the person doesn't know the code word then the child would know that person is obviously not supposed to pick them up.

Courtesy: North Ridgeville police

Footage of the car was caught on a security camera. Police are hoping someone can identify the vehicle so they can question the driver.

Anyone with information regarding the vehicle is asked to call police.

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