Mom wants to thank ‘Good Samaritans’ for helping rescue her family after crash

MEDINA, Ohio -- As a clipper system dumped snow on northeast Ohio Thursday night, a Medina mother and her two small children are grateful to have survived a terrible crash in wicked weather.

Shannon Cover was driving from Medina to Columbia Station on OH-252 when a white-out caused her to lose control of her car.

“I just spun out completely, did two 360s completely and we ended up in the ditch,” said Cover.

The car was tipped over and the tires off the ground.

Cover said cars were flying past when suddenly, one of two angels came to their aid.

“I was freaking out in shock. My daughter said her shoulder hurt and I was upset. Some man stopped and came to our window and said the car will tip, don’t move,” said Cover.

The man raced to called 911.

That’s when another angel appeared.

“I had to get out, I wanted to get my child out. This woman stopped and she helped me up the hill because it was so slick. They had to shut down 252, get a tow truck and tow my car out,” said Cover.

Amazingly, Shannon and her four-year-old daughter and one-year-old daughter walked away uninjured.

Meantime, this mother is searching for the kind-hearted people who stopped to help them out.

“I didn’t catch their names in the chaos. I wanted to find them and say thank you to them because they were so kind, it made a bad situation a little bit better,” said Cover.