Solon police warn residents of Netflix phishing scam

SOLON, Ohio — The City of Solon Police Department is warning residents about a “Netflix” phishing scam that has been making its way around the internet.

According to a post on their Facebook page, criminals send out email phishing attempts wanting recipients to click the links in the emails so that you voluntarily give your personal information away.

The email that they shared shows “Netflix” saying that the user’s account is on hold due to billing issues.

The recipient of this particular email reportedly doesn’t have a Netflix account so they knew instantly that it was a phishing email, however that is not the case for everyone who may receive an email like this.

The police department says this method of phishing is very successful and they warn residents not to put their guard down.

Officials advise contacting the source of the email though an alternative method that is trustworthy to make sure your accounts are maintained.

Solon police say not to click any links in the email as they could be a way to install malware on your computer.

Additionally, Netflix has provided more tips to keep you safe online.  You can read them here.