Snow showers, slick conditions causing accidents in Lake and Ashtabula counties

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NORTHEAST OHIO -- On and off snow showers Wednesday created slick conditions in parts of Northeast Ohio, leading to several accidents.

When the flakes fell, they came down fast, especially in Lake and Ashtabula Counties.

"I was just at work and it kinda came down and I mean, it's kind of nice because Christmas is still coming up and most people would like a wintery Christmas, but I still like the green Christmas because I'm not really the snowy kind of person," said Perry resident Michela DeCapua.

The weather turned Route 20 in Perry slippery, slowing down drivers.

"A lot of the accidents today were just drivers that were probably following pretty close," said Terry King of Kings Towing and Automotive.

King says his crews were busy throughout the evening commute. His lot filled up with damaged vehicles from numerous fender benders.

"Roads are really slippery, gotta give yourself a lot of room in these conditions, sometimes you gotta have ten car lengths and if you don't have that, you might think you have enough room to stop and they're finding out they don't," King said.

Because the snowfall was so sporadic, it gave crews chances to clear roadways before they became too dangerous.

"We've had a lot of snow coming in, but you can get up to Route 44 now and not have any snow, we have a truck coming from Thompson right now, no snow whatsoever," King said.

"Sometimes I have to call my uncle and say ‘hey’ can you come over and plow my yard,” said DeCapua.

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