There’s a 20-foot-tall ‘pink nightmare’ perched next to ‘A Christmas Story’ house. Here’s why…

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Is that a deranged Easter bunny?

No, just a gigantic Ralphie!

Thursday night, the 20-foot-tall "pink nightmare" was inflated in front of the "A Christmas Story" House.

It's from the classic scene from the "A Christmas Story" movie when Ralphie was forced to put on his bunny pajamas that came from Aunt Clare.

The giant Ralphie was made by Inflatable Images out of Brunswick, Ohio, and its official debut will be at the finish line of Saturday's 'A Christmas Story' Run 5K/10K.

The race beings at 9 a.m. and starts in the center of Cleveland. The 10K runs to the  'A Christmas Story' House and back to the original starting point at Public Square. The 5K runners will run to the 'A Christmas Story' House.

For more on the run, click here. 

Here's a video of the baloon being inflated: